Downtown Calgary
Downtown Calgary, Alberta

Welcome to my site. It exists to provide service to various individuals who may be interested in these topics. It caters to my personal and professional interests. As a post-secondary educational instructor for over twenty years this site primarily provides information for my current and former students. I hope you find something interesting and helpful. Unless otherwise stated, the opinions expressed are my own and the material presented here is also my own, or at least my formulation of material common to its field. If there are errors or omissions they are mine alone. Naturally this site is a work in progress, what web site isn't?

Mount Royal College
Mount Royal University

I have taught at post secondary institutions in Calgary, Alberta since 1987. After receiving a Masters Degree in Organizational Behaviour in 1983, I starting teaching in business, but switched over to teaching in Computer Science after six years. I both watched and participated in the development of personal computers. My first introduction came at a computer seminar I was attending at Weber State in Ogden in 1973. The featured speaker was Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. She brought with her a new chip she had been given as a curtesy while visiting a then little known company called Intel. It was an entire computer on a chip and was smaller than the nail on your little finger. I was hooked. Building my own Apple II computer while I was still in college, I grew with the industry. Along the way I learned to program in BASIC, Pascal, C and assembly language. Naturally I used word processing programs and spreadsheets starting with Visicalc when they came along. I maintain lifelong interests in organizational effectiveness, teaching, and the use of computers in organizations.

University of Calgary
University of Calgary

My primary focus is not necessarily to become an expert in a given area, but to throughly learn about an area of knowledge and then integrate it with other knowledge. In this world of rapidly expanding knowledge, with so much new research emerging daily, much of which never makes it into the public consciousness, there is far too little done to integrate the knowledge we presently have into the mainstream of our society. Some of these ideas are integrated into this web site. I hope it will prompt you to consider some of the ideas expressed.

The mistakes are mine and mine alone, but the ideas are built upon the ideas of many other people. It is my intent to give credit where it is due either in the narrative or in the footnotes, but I have not referenced ideas which are common in their field.

Jim Davis
Calgary, Alberta
October 15, 2009