Critical Chain

This ibook deals with the application of the principles of the Theory of Constrainsts to Project Management. The protagonist, Richard Silver, is a university faculty memmber on the verge of receiving tenure - the holy grail for faculty. He is asked to teach a course in the univesities prestigous Executive MBA program. He takes on project management because it is a field ripe for innovation. Rick hopes to learn something valuable and to be able to publish his findings. He spends his summer reviewing the current staus of the field preparing to teach the class. Fortunately for him, one of his colleagues has just returned from a sabattical at Unico where he learned the principles of the Theory of Constraints. The information he brings back, and shares with his colleages, proves to be invaluable in enabling Richard to revolutionize his understand of project management and how to fundamentally change the management of projects. Richard learns to drasticaly cut project times and avoid the twin rocks upon which so many projects wreck themselves: being over budget and being late.

The Plot

The principles of project management are taught by Richard to his class of executives each Saturday. He teaches by tapping into the students experience. The first discussion revolves around understanding what a project is. There are several definition of a project but Richard exchews the formal definitions for one which is more descriptive of the behavior seen inside projects.